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Pay close attention to the quality of packaging bags and vacuum bags

Plastic packaging bags have quickly flooded the food packaging market with their cheap and convenient properties, and have become an indispensable daily necessities for human beings. However, poor quality packaging bags are difficult to degrade and do great harm. In order to prevent the white storm from continuing to pollute the earth, the benchmarking enterprises in Junan Haida Plastic packaging company and other industries set an example, strictly grasp product quality, pay attention to environmental protection and safety, and ensure the use safety of plastic products such as food packaging bags and vacuum bags

first, good quality comes from the sense of enterprise

once a "sword" Anti Japanese drama was very popular, and the spirit of the sword is often analyzed. Enterprises need more "sword" spirit. In the face of market pressure, industry competition and interest stimulation, enterprises must have a strong sense of society and industry mission, so as to focus on consumer rights and interests to ensure the healthy development of local industries that need attention in the process of changing the operation of experimental machines

in the face of chaotic packaging market, in the face of all kinds of cheap packaging bags. The "sword spirit" of Junan Haida company "Never give up, and always require all employees to adhere to quality first. For society, Haida company always keeps in mind that environmental protection is the first; for partners, Haida company always keeps in mind that integrity is the reality. Strictly abide by its duties, and take providing the best plastic packaging products as its own responsibility, it has won widespread praise in the market, dare to be the first, and make reassuring products.

Second, good quality comes from enterprise creativity

courage is a decisive choice in the face of difficulties, is never to say Failure confidence is perseverance. Whether it is to make high-quality products without being tempted by interests, or to always create personalized products according to the needs of the industry, Haida's innovation and creative consciousness have become the brightest in the industry

in order to succeed, in addition to mature strategic planning and production capacity, creativity is a major factor in development. Over the years, Haida has been constantly improving itself, hiring expert teams and purchasing advanced equipment, extending from single plastic products to polyethylene bags (PE bags); Vacuum packaging bag (pa/pe composite bag); Color printing composite packaging bags, aluminum plated bags, high-temperature cooking bags, zipper bags and other products

provide various customized packaging bags for various industries such as food, cosmetics, daily necessities, digital products, seafood products, frozen products, household goods, toys, clothing, shoes and socks with good concentricity, jewelry, etc., and sell them abroad, and form a permanent partnership with large European enterprises

Third, good quality comes from the principle of leaders

over the years, Haida company has adhered to the concept of "quality first, integrity first, environmental protection first" to ensure product quality and customer rights and interests. In the face of many difficulties and challenges, with the best quality products "sword spirit" has been going until now. Ms. Wang Suqing, President of Junan Haida Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd., said in an exclusive interview: "Haida has been on the rise for more than ten years since its establishment, and has been favored by the active cooperation of numerous well-known enterprises at home and abroad. That is, it always adheres to the basic economic principle of" people-oriented, quality-oriented, customer-oriented ". 2) environmental parameters in the working chamber of the climate box (such as temperature, humidity The accuracy indicators of salt fog sedimentation rate, etc. are the results and directions of detection under no-load state, which not only reflects general manager Wang's code of conduct, but also reflects Haida's business purpose

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