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Transfer the company to Nanchang Wangxin Paper Co., Ltd. after borrowing more than 30million yuan. The former general manager of Nanchang Wangxin Paper Co., Ltd. and others were arrested.

recently, "politics in Jiangxi" has received many complaints from people. More than 100 people said that they had lent hundreds of thousands to millions of yuan to Nanchang Wangxin Paper Co., Ltd. located in Jinxian economic development zone. The company promised to pay the principal and interest within a time limit, and the annual yield was as high as 15%. However, after the financing exceeded 30million yuan, the person in charge of the company resold the company because he could not afford to pay interest. Nowadays, many people want to get their money back, but they don't know who to look for. The investors and legal persons of the company have changed many times

the investigation found that Jinxian county market and quality supervision and Administration Bureau had listed the company in the list of abnormal operations, the company applied for a registered capital of 5.01 million, which was not actually in place, and the company changed its corporate shareholders 14 times within a year. At present, the former general manager of the company and others have been arrested, and Jinxian police are actively investigating the case

Ms. Zhou in Nanchang recalled that in June last year, her friend said that Wangxin paper was unable to complete the upgrading of its production line due to lack of working capital, and was raising funds from the society. The factory also invited investors to visit the factory and claimed that the larger the investment amount, the higher the return. In August of the same year, Ms. Zhou signed a loan contract with Wangxin paper, which agreed that the loan period was from August 3, 2017 to August 2, 2018, with an annual yield of 15%. The contract indicated that the legal representative of the company was Yu Lingfeng

the loan contract specifies that due to the technical needs of the 120000 ton/year base paper production line, 30million funds will be raised, and the land, equipment, facilities, etc. will be listed, which are called its risk control measures

in terms of income, the longer the investment period, the greater the estimated benefit of the receipt. If the investment is made for one year, the interest return of up to 15% will be obtained. The vast majority of investors choose the investment period of one year, but it is unexpected that one year has passed, and the original staff of the enterprise have come out of their shell, and the investment fund is unknown. "After receiving 37500 (ten months) interest, the interest never arrived, and then even the principal didn't come back." Ms. Zhou said that she went to Wangxin paper, but the person in charge of the company couldn't call, and she was shut down several times when she went to the factory of the company

sister Liu is in a much more difficult situation than Ms. Zhou, because she borrows not only her own money, but also the money of her relatives and friends. After learning about Wangxin paper's borrowing, in order to get more returns, sister Liu encouraged her relatives and friends, even neighbors in the same community, to mortgage her real estate to the bank, and finally raised more than 2 million yuan to lend to Wangxin paper. Who knows now that "chicken flies with eggs", she still has to face the debt collection of her relatives and friends

there are many situations similar to Ms. Zhou and sister Liu. It is understood that more than 100 people are involved this time, many of them are elderly people. Many of them have invested most of their life savings, and some even lent money borrowed from children or banks to Wangxin paper

the people who negotiated the freight were also blocked out

it can be found from the national credit information system that on June 15 this year, after the equity change of Wangxin paper, the legal representative was changed from Yu Lingfeng to Li Runping. In addition, the executive director, supervisor and manager of the company have changed

it is worth noting that the investor has changed from Zhonghe Guoqing Investment Development Co., Ltd. to Jiangxi Runping Trading Co., Ltd. Jiangxi Runping Trade Co., Ltd. is a company established by Li Runping and Jiangxi Jingwei Industrial Co., Ltd. with 50% investment respectively. Its business scope covers domestic trade, self-supporting and agent import and export business of various commodities and technologies. The legal representative of Jiangxi Jingwei Industrial Co., Ltd. is wan Yilin, who holds 50% shares with another person named Yang Bin. In other words, today's Wangxin paper industry is actually controlled by Li Runping, Wan Yilin and Yang Bin

then, in the change of investors, equity and legal representative of Wangxin paper, have the two sides reached any agreement on Financing disposal? With questions, I came to Wangxin paper on the morning of November 5

the notice on regulating private lending and maintaining economic and financial order and the eight charges of illegal lending and other illegal fund-raising publicity materials are posted at the eye-catching position at the entrance of the gate. After indicating their intention, the group was stopped outside the gate by security guards, who also refused to contact the person in charge of the enterprise on the grounds of lack of leadership

Mr. Fan, who came from Fuzhou to beg for money, and others were blocked by security guards. Mr. Fan said that since April this year, he has been responsible for the transportation business for Wangxin paper, but so far, the transportation fee of 310000 has not been received. Mr. Fan said, "we paid the driver the money in advance. We have run for more than ten times to get back the transportation fee. However, Wangxin paper sent us out every time on the ground that we couldn't make up our accounts. This time, we couldn't even enter the gate."

from the "approval form of fund payment" provided by Mr. Fan, we can see that the total transportation cost is more than 300000, each of which is attached with a detailed statement, and the release slip of each transportation is stamped with the seal of the Finance Department of Nanchang Wangxin Paper Co., Ltd

the registration information is changed 14 times a year

according to Zhu Deping, member of the Party Working Committee and deputy director of Jinxian County Economic Development Zone, around 2017, Xiong Guoquan, then general manager of Wangxin paper, and others promised to borrow from some people at high interest in the name of investment. However, in June this year, after Yu Lingfeng transferred the company's equity to Jiangxi Runping Trading Co., Ltd., a loan dispute broke out immediately

"who will repay the arrears? Whether the investment funds have been used to transform the production line? We don't know this." Zhu Deping said that he had not contacted Yu Lingfeng, the former legal person of the company, nor did he know his contact information. Zhu Deping also said that at present, the Economic Investigation Brigade of Jinxian County Public Security Bureau has been involved in the investigation, and some people have been controlled by the police. I found the contact information of Yin Changlian, the current person in charge of the company, but his number was in the shutdown state

then came to Jinxian county market supervision and Administration Bureau to understand the situation. Chen Ying, director of the registration bureau of the Bureau, said that on July 4, 2018, Jinxian county market and quality supervision and Administration Bureau had listed the company in the list of abnormal operations because it did not publish the annual report within the time limit in accordance with the Interim Regulations on enterprise information publicity, which is mainly used to determine the ability of metal wires with a diameter or thickness of 0.5mm (6) mm to withstand plastic deformation in the process of winding experiments

in addition, according to Chen Ying, according to the data, on October 14, 2015, the company's registered capital application increased from 500000 to 5010000, but in fact, the company did not actually make capital contributions (subscribed), nor did it file with the Bureau. In the same year, the company had 14 changes in its registration information, including changes in investors, legal representatives, registered capital, etc. Before June 15 this year, Jinxian county and municipal supervision bureau did not receive the relevant complaints about the reason why harmonics are not valued by most users, nor did it receive the notice from the relevant superior departments. Therefore, according to the relevant national laws and regulations, the company was allowed to change the relevant registration information

as for the company's participation in private lending, Chen Ying suggested that you can learn from the financial management department. In Jinxian county financial office, Mr. Hu, a staff member of the office, said that finance is a licensed industry, and all financial businesses should be approved and filed by relevant departments according to law. Without the approval of relevant departments, the financial industry has better identified whether the low-density polyethylene bottle used for eye drops is mixed with recycled materials, which conforms to the characteristics of illegal fund-raising and may constitute illegal fund-raising. Mr. Hu said that so far, Wangxin paper has not been filed with the financial sector for approval in accordance with the law

a case has been filed for investigation and two people have been approved for arrest.

it is learned from Jinxian County Public Security Bureau that the Economic Investigation Brigade of the Bureau has filed a case for investigation. According to the preliminary understanding of the police, the case involved more than 100 people, involving more than 30 million yuan. According to the police, xiongguoquan, the former general manager of Wangxin paper, and Li Li, the manager of a "shell" financial company involved in this matter have been arrested. The case is still under further investigation. Jinxian police said they will try their best to help everyone recover their losses

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