PE in the Far East will rise sharply in April

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PE in the Far East will rise sharply in April

the supply of ethylene, the basic petrochemical raw material, continues to be tight, and the spot price of ethylene in the Far East has soared to $500 per ton. With the sharp rise in ethylene, local polyethylene (P they use two different horizontal stripes E) manufacturers will significantly increase the price of PE for domestic and export sales in April to fully reflect the rise in ethylene. Not only will the domestic price of PE rise sharply in April, local PE manufacturers said, The export price of PE is bound to stand at $700 per ton

pe manufacturers said that the current domestic price of PE did not reflect the current situation of ethylene supply in the market at all. At present, not only PE manufacturers are looking for ethylene sources, but also raw materials that need ethylene, such as eg and SM manufacturers, have joined in the action of chasing ethylene raw materials

in addition, propylene raw material, a by-product of ethylene production in light oil cracking plants, is also in a tight supply situation due to the shortage of ethylene, which has also caused the spot price of propylene to soar to more than $500 per ton. That is to say, the whole intermediate petrochemical raw material has been led by the tight supply of relevant upstream raw materials, resulting in the continuous and comprehensive rise of intermediate petrochemical raw materials

the evaluation of domestic PE major manufacturers pointed out that as the ethylene supply will be quite tight in the first half of the year, the PE market must reflect the trend of upstream ethylene raw material cost. In April, the price of polyethylene for domestic and export sales is bound to fully reflect the rise of ethylene. It is estimated that the PE price per ton will rise by another $100 compared with the current price, and the domestic price will also rise significantly

South Korea petrochemical plant, a major PE exporter in the Far East, is preparing a second wave of price increase after a sharp increase in the export price of PE a few days ago (US $650 per ton for LDPE and US $600 per ton for HDPE). It is estimated that the price of PE will rise by another US $40 per ton. The sharp rise in the PE market this year can be seen

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