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Shandong Lingong loader lg959 is really a good machine

Shandong Lingong loader lg959 is really a good machine

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it takes courage to work in the harsh tropical climate in Queensland countryside. However, Shandong Lingong lg959 is not afraid

in February this year, the highest temperature in history was 47.2 in the southwest of Queensland, Australia ˚ C. The continuous high temperature kept breaking records, which had a serious impact on the local business, but the farm owner of dagwalsh was still proud: no matter how high the temperature may affect the subsequent steps in the production process, his Shandong Lingong lg959 loader can handle goods as usual

dagwash ranch is located 60 kilometers north of Georgetown, Queensland, covering an area of 240000 acres, and can accommodate 6000 livestock. In order to make full use of every inch of land in the cattle farm and prevent cattle from leaving the ranch, dagwash ranch needs to regularly clear new roads, maintain existing roads, and build fences. The reason for the ranch is that recycled plastics contain many potentially harmful materials. In October 2015, the lg959 loader was purchased and replaced with Shandong Lingong Ranger loader, which has been in service for 10 years, to handle these tasks. The more excellent performance of lg959 leaves a better experience for users

"the technological innovation of Shandong Lingong left a deep impression on me," said Ian tinknell, the owner of DAG Walsh ranch. "The engine cooling system works very well and can work normally under the high temperature of more than 40 degrees here. I won't say much about the importance of the engine cooling system and air conditioning system. As long as these two components can withstand the high temperature in northern Australia, I have achieved half of the success."

lg959 loader weighs about 17 tons, is equipped with good stamping equipment, and the maximum digging force is more than 152 kn. The test results are obtained by carrying the IZ engine, which is powerful, energy-saving and efficient; The whole machine adopts full hydraulic braking, with stable braking and high reliability. At the same time, the air conditioner has good refrigeration effect and comfortable operation. Shandong temporary engineering technicians have made professional improvements according to the conditions of different regions to make the machine more suitable for the local climate environment

"I have recommended Shandong Lingong products to local people," tinknell said, "I think it's really difficult to have a comprehensive loader like Shandong Lingong. I'm once again convinced by these brand-new things. The design characteristics of this new machine left a deep impression on me, especially the easy-to-use radiator and oil cooler, which are very convenient to clean up. If necessary, I will not hesitate to choose Shandong Lingong's products."

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