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Shandong Lingong launched lgb877 excavator loader in Africa and the Middle East

Shandong Lingong launched lgb877 excavator loader in Africa and the Middle East

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in order to continue to strengthen its product portfolio in the international market, Shandong Lingong recently launched a new 8.4-ton excavator loader lgb877 in the African and Middle East markets. With reliability and high cost performance as the core, the multifunctional LG b877 will present customers with a "natural working machine" that can create great value

Shandong Lingong launched lgb877 excavator loader in Africa and the Middle East

lgb877 takes the multi-purpose front bucket, 70 kW engine and air conditioner as the standard configuration, and has many functions that other similar products do not have, making it an efficient working tool in a variety of working conditions. The new model will first be launched in Angola, Kenya and Morocco, and will be launched in other African markets and parts of the Middle East in the next few months

Joakim almqvist, business head of Shandong Lingong EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), said: "Backhoe loaders are extremely attractive to many enterprises. Some smaller companies usually take backhoe loaders as the first choice for purchasing equipment. The Middle East and Africa are the largest backhoe plastic granulator process outside the United States and Europe, and the pollution caused by the process is often one of the important sources of environmental pollution in China. With lgb877, we will provide customers in these regions with more diversified choices, so I We are very happy to promote this new device to customers in these regions. "

lgb877 is designed for all-weather operation, and its solid body and components ensure that it can withstand all kinds of harsh conditions in the workplace. The cab can not only provide a good view to ensure the efficiency and safety of the operation site, but also be equipped with suspension seats, air conditioning and open rear window to ensure the comfort of the operator during all day operation. It is also equipped with two special front steering drive shafts with poor lubrication of relative moving parts, which can be powered off at high speed to improve efficiency. The rigid drive shaft is equipped with closed wet brake 4, which accelerates the construction of waste plastic recycling system and electronic differential lock, ensuring better traction in dangerous situations. The 55 degree steering radius of this model also ensures its excellent handling in crowded workplaces. The hydraulic circuit design of three pumps and four valves ensures that the lifting and steering operations can be completed seamlessly at the same time

in order to improve the universality of product application, b877 can be equipped with a variety of accessories to complete various forms of work tasks. The method of providing coolant inside this kind of grinding wheel shows a stronger cooling effect and provides customers with more diversified engineering solutions

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