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Shandong Liugong concrete machinery exhibition Weifang station sign hot

Shandong Liugong concrete machinery exhibition Weifang station sign hot

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Guide: in April, the clamping force of the fixture will produce the error of the test data with wear. 2, The exhibition of liugonghongdeli concrete machinery products with the theme of "conduct the world and forge the future" was held in Weifang. Wang Juan, general manager of concrete project of Shandong Liugong Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., the agent, Lu Wei, director of liugonghongdeli's office in Shandong, and the concrete industry in various cities in Shandong

on April 2, the Liu Gonghong Deli concrete machinery product exhibition with the theme of "conduct the world and forge the future" was held in Weifang. Wang Juan, general manager of the concrete project of the agent Shandong Liugong Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., Lu Wei, director of the Liu Gonghong Deli office in Shandong, and about 120 elites in the concrete industry in Shandong participated in the new product exhibition, It has witnessed the confidence and determination of Shandong Liugong to take root in serving Shandong concrete industry, and also witnessed the reliable performance and quality of Liugong Hongdeli products

general manager Wang Juan expressed her gratitude to the customers and friends from all walks of life who have long supported the development of Shandong Liugong and liugonghongdeli, and made a grand plan for the development of liugonghongdeli in Shandong market, promising that Shandong Liugong will continue to serve the majority of customers in Shandong concrete industry with reliable products and timely and thoughtful after-sales. At the same time, Lu Wei, director of Shandong Office, shared the development strategic plan of liugonghongdeli concrete machinery to customers and friends

the exhibition exhibited the 37 meter and 47 meter pump trucks of liugonghongdeli "city cheetah" and the industry-leading concrete machinery and equipment such as on-board pumps and mixers, which attracted many customers and stimulated their strong interest, and everyone rushed to observe and experience. The on-site signing was popular, and nearly 10million orders were successfully signed on the day of the exhibition, which fully proved that liugonghong Deli products have been fully affirmed by Shandong customers for their superior product performance, stable product quality and high cost performance

this exhibition is of far-reaching significance. It is the second concrete machinery product exhibition of Shandong Liugong after the exhibition in Jinan. As the distributor of Liugong group with outstanding sales performance, Shandong Liugong has become the exclusive general agent of Hongdeli concrete machinery and equipment in Shandong after cooperating with Hongdeli. Shandong Liugong's huge sales system, good brand image and reliable product quality of Liugong Hongdeli concrete machinery have all become the key factors for Shandong Liugong to provide better services to customers and help customers seek greater benefits. "This exhibition shows the overall strength of Shandong Liugong and Liugong Hongdeli. We believe that their cooperation can create greater value for us!" The customers at the meeting sincerely said

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