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Shandong Lingong R & D quality team visited the South Asian market

Shandong Lingong R & D quality team visited the South Asian market

in the past three years, t China Construction machinery information

from February 25 to March 2, Han Yonglong, deputy general manager of Shandong Lingong parts division, led Shandong Lingong R & D quality team to visit the South Asian market and carry out customer sharing care visits. With the implementation of the national the Belt and Road policy, relevant countries in South Asia have increased infrastructure construction, and the sales volume of Shandong Lingong in the South Asian market has further increased. This activity is a large-scale customer care activity aimed at improving customer satisfaction and brand influence of Shandong Lingong for the overseas South Asian market

this visit mainly selected loader customers from coal mines and coal yards. During the visit, Mr. Han led a team to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the customer's products, especially the key parts such as boxes and bridges, eliminate existing faults, eliminate hidden regenerative medicine patients, answer the product questions raised by customers, eliminate customers' doubts, and collect customers' opinions and suggestions on products

engineers involved in the discipline and quality engineers of the company were invited to the front line of the market 5 The software can conduct on-site visits and research based on user-defined speed settings, which can more efficiently answer the questions of on-site customers. At the same time, professional institute designers have a better understanding of customer working conditions and customer needs, and on-site inspection of vehicle usage and hidden trouble. It has played a positive role in improving the product quality of key parts of Shandong temporary engineering products

2 solution: in 019, Shandong Lingong overseas service established the service concept of "shared care and caring service", further created the brand image of Shandong Lingong overseas service, and built the core competitiveness of the overseas market. Through this special visit, the relationship between Shandong Lingong and overseas customers was effectively narrowed, and the brand influence of Shandong Lingong in the South Asian market was promoted

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