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Shandong Lingong "red sentimental iron arm assistance" action is about to enter Baise

Shandong Lingong "red sentimental iron arm assistance" action is about to enter Baise

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from May 22 this year, 2018 Shandong Lingong "red feeling" precision assistance action has been launched and implemented in the four old revolutionary base areas of Daliang Mountain, Yan'an, Jinggangshan and Yimeng Mountain respectively. Through cooperation with government agencies Creating "blood making" projects or fixed-point assistance, which combine vocational training, employment guidance, entrepreneurial support and long-term assistance, has helped some people achieve precise and rapid poverty eradication

"red sentimental iron arm help" action is about to enter Baise

Baise area is where Deng Xiaoping and other proletarian revolutionaries of the older generation launched and led the Baise uprising and founded the Youjiang Revolutionary Base. "Indomitable, dedicated and hardworking, the regiment enhances users' understanding of thermal insulation materials, pragmatic and innovative", which is a high summary of Baise uprising spirit. Together with Yan'an spirit, Jinggangshan spirit and Xibaipo Spirit, it constitutes a valuable red spirit, which has important contemporary value

the former site of the headquarters of the seventh Red Army, the memorial park of the revolutionary martyrs of the Baise uprising, the Baise Uprising Memorial Hall, and the Baise national anti-corruption education base. It is expected that the scrap market will be consolidated in a narrow range in the near future. The red spiritual highland, dominated by us, will become a holy land in the hearts of Party members and the people. At the same time, it also bears in mind the glorious history of the Chinese Communist Party leading the Chinese revolution and accumulates the precious spiritual wealth of the Chinese nation

Shandong Lingong is going all out in the targeted poverty alleviation in the old revolutionary base areas, adopting targeted project poverty alleviation, targeted industry support, targeted efforts, and using the "Baise uprising spirit", it has invested 4.241 billion yuan in support and guidance, and has taken multiple measures to become the leader on the people's "poverty eradication road"

October 28, 2018

in Baise, Guangxi, the old revolutionary base area,

Shandong Lingong "red love" targeted poverty alleviation action is about to start again

please look forward to it

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