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[Shandong Lingong last year's goods Festival] the year of the ox is coming, linhui New Year's spring

[Shandong Lingong last year's goods Festival] the year of the ox is coming, linhui New Year's spring

China Construction machinery information

break your fingers and count

New Year's Eve is approaching

in addition to going home,

of course, the most important thing is to buy new year's goods

want to buy a face new year's gift

don't forget the big stuff

working hard for a whole year

only when large pieces are moved home can they have face

Shandong Lingong last year's goods Festival came

multiple gifts detonated huge benefits

!! Surprise constantly

New Year goods festival activity 1

■ the l916 model was sold in full at [Lingong e-purchase] Mall for 96800 yuan

■ the l918h model is sold in full at [Lingong e-purchase] Mall for 106800 yuan

■ customers pay a deposit of 5000 yuan online to the [temporary e-purchase] mall to participate in the activity, pick up the car before March 31, 2021, and pay the balance. Temporary work will directly bill to customers and enjoy the discount of this activity

New Year's festival activity 2

New Year's purchases are all polite, killing the full purchase red envelopes

■ according to different models, set up different models and different amounts of full purchase red envelopes in the [temporary e-purchase] mall, and issue limited amounts at 11:00 every day (February 1-26) during the event

■ customers log in to [temporary e-purchase] wechat mall. During the period from February 1 to 26, they rush to buy at 20.21 yuan every day at 11:00, limited release, and stop when they are finished

■ the full purchase red envelopes obtained by customers will be cashed out at offline dealers who will stop the import of 4 categories and 24 kinds of solid wastes in China at the time of purchase

■ after the customer receives the full purchase red envelope, it can be used for the excavator/loader/roller of the corresponding model, and the full purchase of the machine can be used for cash

■ the full purchase red envelope needs to be subscribed in real name, and cannot be used as a gift or superimposed

■ if the customer goes to the dealers around the country to collect the car in full before March 31, the purchase price will be offset by the full purchase red envelope amount obtained in Lingong e-shopping mall on the basis of the original transaction price

limited rush purchase first come first served

New Year's festival activity 3

although this is still a guess

20.21 second kill Yuchai maintenance coupon

■ activity time: February 1-February 5 (from the 10th to the 14th of December GaN) 11:00 every day, limited issuance of Yuchai engine free maintenance coupon (a total of 20)

■ applicable model: purchase 1 during the activity Tons of loaders equipped with Yuchai engines

■ the valid period of the maintenance coupon is until February 28, 2021 (the seventeenth day of the first month)

the points of the fourth activity of the new year goods Festival are coming, and the favorite fans keep

■ activity time: from February 1 to February 26 (the 20th day of the twelfth lunar month to the 15th day of the first lunar month), use the points to draw a lucky draw at the [temporary e-purchase] mall

■ participants should first obtain [temporary e-purchase] mall points through daily punching in/participating in activities. When the points obtained reach more than 200 points, they can participate in the points lottery

■ during the activity, each person shall limit the number of Raffles every day, three times a day

■ the prize winning physical gifts are distributed to the fan account, and users need to place an order to receive them

the points gift bag is directly distributed to the fan account

(the right to explain this activity belongs to Shandong Lingong)

action is better than heart

Shandong Lingong helps you complete your car purchase wish on the occasion of the new year

please pay attention to the

Lingong e-purchase official account

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