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Shandong Lingong successfully held the delivery training in the Southeast Asian emerging markets

Shandong Lingong successfully held the delivery training in the Southeast Asian emerging markets. 5. The main development trends of the industry

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on October 7, Shandong Lingong held the delivery training of loader lg978 and miner mt86 and other products in the factories of famous building materials manufacturers in the Southeast Asian emerging markets

Shandong Lingong successfully held machine delivery training in the emerging market of Southeast Asia

in this emerging market, Shandong Lingong actively explored customer resources and the excessive use of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers in agricultural production. Through the introduction of construction machinery, it explored the deep-seated needs of customers, and the joint agents won a large order of 26 products including all kinds of complete machines at one stroke. In order to establish a good brand image, show the company's care for customers by adjusting the handle on the swing rod, and help customers grow in an all-round way, Shandong Lingong organized all drivers, maintenance personnel and equipment management personnel of the building materials manufacturer, a total of 42 people to participate in this delivery training. Through the explanation of enterprises, products, sales and services, the operators have a deeper understanding of Shandong Lingong's brand, product line and service concept. In addition, according to the purchase and use of key customers, Shandong Lingong will provide comprehensive equipment management support to optimize the efficiency of the equipment. Manager Hu, who manages the equipment, said, "we are very grateful to Shandong Lingong for the comprehensive training we have brought. We have used brand-name equipment before, but Shandong Lingong is the first company to do product use and maintenance training and provide comprehensive equipment management support. This responsible attitude is destined to make the Lingong products trustworthy."

the economic development of emerging markets in Southeast Asia is relatively backward, and the infrastructure construction of each country is poor; However, the population structure of the country is relatively young and rich in mineral resources. In recent years, the economy has developed rapidly, and the potential demand for construction machinery has gradually emerged. Ma Yingchuan, manager of Shandong Lingong Asia Pacific region, said: "In order to better develop this market, we not only provide high-quality products, but also win the trust of local users through service activities such as machine delivery training and comprehensive equipment management support, subvert the customer's understanding that engineering machinery has no service in the heart, improve the brand popularity of Shandong temporary products in this market, and lay a solid foundation for obtaining large orders again. The number, orientation, capitalization pattern, etc. of each wordid."

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