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Shandong Lingong Russian winter customer company is the most perfect and competitive company in the field of basic research utilization research industrialization chain in the field of powder metallurgy materials and c/c composites in China. Customer visits reflect customer care

Shandong Lingong Russian winter customer visits reflect customer care

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recently, it is the tenth anniversary of Shandong Lingong's entry into the Russian market, Shandong Lingong sales and service team went into the Ural Mountain region of Russia as planned to avoid the phenomenon of claw melting and claw rinsing caused by anodic oxidation, visited customers, and started Lingong's winter care trip in Russia this year. This winter care activity is an important part of the 10th anniversary series of Shandong Lingong Russia activities. It goes all the way east from Yekaterinburg, passes through Novosibirsk, Ulan ude, Chita, and finally arrives at vishensk, Prague. It creates more value for users with intimate services, interprets the connotation of Shandong Lingong's winning services, and fulfills all its commitments for customers

the first stop of this activity was Yekaterinburg, the central city of the Ural Mountain region. At 9 o'clock in the morning, the temperature was minus 21 degrees Celsius. The visiting team braved the cold and came to the local wood craft wood processing plant. Mr. Vladimir, the owner of the timber factory, warmly welcomed the visiting delegation. In order to facilitate the inspection, Mr. Vladimir arranged the staff to drive the three temporary loaders of the lumber factory to the visiting group, and called the operators and service personnel to the scene. The service manager of Eastern Europe explained in detail the precautions for winter operation to the service personnel, told the customer to do a good job in the selection and maintenance of winter oil, led the customer service personnel to conduct a detailed inspection of the on-site vehicle, and eliminated the fault of an lg936l engine found during the inspection. The customer was very grateful, "Our place is cold in winter, and few manufacturers will come to us in winter. I also have loaders of other brands here, but so far this winter, only Shandong temporary factory personnel have come to care about us and help us check and debug equipment. We are very grateful!" Vladimir said emotionally

Shandong Lingong Russia winter customer visit reflects customer care

at 14 p.m., the temperature was minus 17 degrees Celsius, and the delegation came to Yekaterinburg charming urban waste treatment company. The company is the largest garbage recycling and treatment company in this region, with seven Shandong Lingong loaders, of which two lg956l were purchased in June 2011. The working hours have exceeded 17000 hours, almost 20 hours a day, but there is no failure at present. The manager of the equipment department of the company called the equipment maintenance staff and led the delegation to inspect each temporary loader, And said to the visiting group, "we have hundreds of various equipment, and now we only choose Shandong temporary loader. The quality of temporary products is very reliable, and we carry out maintenance in time according to the instructions. Now the workload of the company is very heavy, and according to the plan, we will purchase two more temporary loaders this year."

finished the visit in Yekaterinburg, and the visiting team rushed to Yekaterinburg railway station nonstop to prepare for the next station. This winter care trip won the appreciation of local customers and strengthened their trust in the temporary work brand. In the future, Shandong Lingong will continue to expand ideas, innovate service and marketing models, and open a beautiful chapter in the new decade of Lingong Russia

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