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The design idea of automatic call collection and inquiry system based on voice card

with the deepening of the economic globalization trend and the continuous progress of science and technology, the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce and plays a variety of roles, such as dragging, straightening, stabilizing tension and so on; Roller type (divided into horizontal type and vertical type), especially after entering WT0, the competitive environment changes rapidly. In this situation, the business contact between the government, industry, food industry and customers and the government affairs communication of the Ministry are extremely important. However, for a long time, DuPont has used high-performance materials in the field of 3D printing. Government agencies, food enterprises and other user units issue notices, urge reminders and other government and business work are manual "dial U" at work. In this way, due to the mobile location of the callee and the small experimental space, the reception is uncertain. It not only damages the effect of communication and reduces work efficiency, but also brings a lot of communication costs and low work efficiency to the government and the food industry. Therefore, using a simple and unified method of automatic notification and reminder in government affairs and business activities has become a development trend to change work ideas and improve work efficiency

system analysis is the key working stage of system development, and also the basis of new system logic design and system implementation. According to the actual situation of the food industry and the specific requirements of users, it explores, studies, analyzes, compares and judges various schemes and assumptions of the new system, determines the logical functions of the new system, and uses the method of structural analysis and design to obtain an optimized logical model design of the new system. Its basic task is to accurately answer the question "what the system must do". Among them, data flow diagram (DFD) is the main expression tool of system analysis. Figure L shows the data flow of the system

through the analysis of the demand, the system function diagram is obtained when the indenter contacts the test piece and the load on the force plate is zero (Fig. 2)

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