PTA of Yide futures continued to decline, and the

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Yide Futures: PTA continued to decline, and the bottom was not yet clear

the US crude oil futures continued to decline overnight. Today, the main PTA 0811 contract maintained a volatile trend throughout the day. It once fell to near 8000 points in the intraday, and the decline narrowed in the late afternoon, closing at 8112 points, down 20 points, or 0.25%, and the position decreased by 278 hands to 26956 hands. The 0809 contract entered the delivery month, and the transaction was light, closing at 8878 points, down 20 points, or 0.22%. The position increased by 2002 to 89032. Significantly increase positions, long seats Yongan 1000 hands, short seats Dayue 1011 hands

in terms of spot goods, the medium fiber price index was reported at 8100 yuan/ton, down 50 yuan/ton from yesterday; The price of downstream polyester staple fiber was 11350 yuan/ton, the same as yesterday; The price of filament slice is 10500 yuan/ton, and there are many reasons, down 50 yuan/ton from yesterday. Recently, the contract settlement price of some PX and the proposed price in September have been significantly lower than the previous one, and lower than the previous expectation, which has put a certain pressure on the spot to speed up the speed of putting products on the market

at this stage, PX, the upstream raw material of PTA, is gradually lower due to the decline of crude oil price. In addition, the downstream textile has entered the off-season, and the demand has decreased significantly. The overall fundamentals are not optimistic. Recently, the mainstream quotation of PTA has become loose, with a decline of 300 yuan last week. Special engineering plastics such as high-performance thermoplastic polyester/ton will remain short until the spot market improves

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