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Urumqi: after the heat transfer oil sprayed out and ignited the fire in the carton factory, only the skeleton was left in the processing workshop. The fire was burning too fast, and we couldn't get close to it when we took the fire extinguisher. At about 15:00 on the 15th, seeing that the fire in the carton factory was finally put out, boss Han of the carton factory said with chagrin

at about 4 o'clock on the 15th, a fire broke out in a carton factory called Qiangfeng near the Xicheng farmers' market on the Xishan highway in Urumqi. Fortunately, no casualties were caused. At about 14:30, when Yaxin arrived at the scene, the factory was shrouded in thick smoke. Some firefighters stood on the roof of the building, and some stood at the door of the warehouse on fire, spraying water with water guns at the house on fire

according to boss Han, plastic waste is toxic and non biodegradable. At about 14 o'clock, when he was alone in the factory, he suddenly saw that the heat transfer oil in the boiler room sprayed out and splashed on the cartons stacked aside, and the cartons immediately caught fire

according to a firefighter, the factory on fire had a total of 12 rooms, more than 300 square meters, which could constitute many different polymers, and all of them were burned down. It is preliminarily judged that the carton in the warehouse was ignited due to the ejection of heat transfer oil

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