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Uncover the secrets of Urumqi theme light show - installation accuracy to CM unified remote control

on September 27, tourists watched the light show and took photos in Xinjiang International Bazaar pedestrian street. On September 25, standing on the West Bridge in Urumqi, listening to people's praise, Yang Junhong, the project leader of Guangdong Hongtai Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., the contractor of the West Bridge and the light show around Hongshan, and Liu Jun, the design director, were excited: "the effort was not wasted, and finally achieved the desired effect."

Liu Jun has been engaged in lighting design for more than 20 years. Last year, he participated in the related work of Shenzhen national day lighting show. In March this year, he and Yang Junhong led a team of more than 30 people to Urumqi to be responsible for the design and construction of the lighting show in the West Bridge area. For the first time, I came to Xinjiang to participate in the design of light shows. "Before coming, we collected a lot of information about Xinjiang on the Internet to understand the history, culture and natural resources here, so as to provide ideas for the creation of light shows."

because the density of buildings around the West Bridge is not large enough, the buildings are also high and low, front and back, which is a challenge for animation production. How to make the adelais ribbon float on the building to create a rhythmic and fluttering effect has made designers spend a lot of time thinking and revise the design drawings repeatedly

how to create a galloping effect between adjacent buildings? The designers carried out repeated calculation and debugging, and the installation position of some lamps was even accurate to cm. "In order to make the animation have the overall linkage performance effect, we debugged for 15 days, stood on the West Bridge and aimed at the point with a laser pen, and debugged for another month after the light was on." Liu Jun said

and perpendicular to the axis, the light show in the West Bridge area involves Hongshan Park, people's Park, Times Square and other landmark buildings, with a total of 25 buildings and 4 greening nodes. The project adopts the urban intelligent control system, which can realize the overall linkage and remote intelligent energy-saving control. The main lamps adopt high-tech energy-saving products such as projectors, beam lamps, LED point light sources, LED projection lamps, etc., forming sound, light The 360 degree perspective combined with electricity surrounds the three-dimensional multimedia city level light show performance

a total of 200000 or 300000 lamps and lanterns were invested in the light show in the West Bridge area, with more than 30 designers and 200 or 300 constructors at the peak. The peak period of construction was in May this year, which was basically completed by the end of May. Commissioning was carried out in July and August, and the original light show was upgraded and newly built. Now the light show in the West Bridge area has been extended to xiaoximen, Guangming Road, Hongshan turntable, etc

on the night of the little green valley light show, the scene of 52 buildings linked to broadcast the picture surprised the audience. How did this effect be achieved

Wei Yuxing, deputy director of the public lighting maintenance and Management Office of the Urban Administration Bureau of Urumqi Economic and Technological Development Zone (Toutunhe District), introduced that the light show of xiaolvgu takes the high-rise buildings surrounding the xiaolvgu as the display interface, and a total of 52 buildings participated in the linkage performance, making full use of the "U" shaped terrain of xiaolvgu, and the construction material is pp-lgf20; The main mechanical properties highlight the overall linkage of high modulus, high rigidity and shock, and the three-dimensional demonstration interface with rich levels, so as to create a characteristic digital night view boutique and form a unique night view business card

electric engineer Yang Yonggang told that the whole light show is controlled by computer. LED screens are installed on the building facade walls on the East and west sides of xiaolvgu. The signals of 52 buildings are connected through optical fiber network technology. The control room is unified and remotely controlled to play the video pictures made in advance, so that the buildings can play pictures at the same time or group P-point stress as the proportional limit σ P-type playback screen

"the bright lights express our deep wishes for the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China. All our efforts are worth it." Wei Yuxing stared intently at the console, and an endless stream of audience smiles, which made him and his team members proud and gratified

(collected by Fu Xianglong, ye Xiaomin, Ren Hua and Zhao Chunhua, Yu Jiangyan and Ren Chunxiang)

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