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Fangyuan group has achieved remarkable results in implementing the excellent performance model. It has achieved remarkable results in implementing the excellent performance model. In the context of global integration, China Construction machinery information recently, the construction machinery industry branch of China Quality Association issued document jjzxz [2014] No. 011, The notice on commending advanced enterprises in the national construction machinery and elevator industry that implemented the excellent performance model in 2013 was released. The notice pointed out that since 2013, major enterprises in the construction machinery and elevator industry have taken the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China as the guidance, actively explored, explored and innovated through learning and practicing the excellent performance model, and achieved remarkable results through unremitting efforts, and a number of advanced enterprises have emerged. In order to encourage the advanced, set up a model of excellent performance, lead enterprises to learn advanced experience and methods, burn components at least, further promote the implementation of excellent performance mode, and promote the development of the industry, according to the national standards of the criteria for Performance Excellence Evaluation (gb/t), the guidelines for the implementation of the criteria for Performance Excellence Evaluation (gb/z) and the administrative measures for the identification of advanced enterprises implementing excellent performance mode in the national construction machinery and elevator industry, From February to may 2014, the branch carried out the evaluation of new enterprises implementing the excellent performance model in 2013. After review, nine enterprises were awarded the title of "2013 national advanced enterprise implementing excellent performance model in construction machinery and elevator industry", among which Fangyuan group was listed and commended

excellent performance mode, as a management concept that reflects total quality management and continuous improvement, has become an effective method recognized by successful enterprises in the world to improve their competitiveness. Fangyuan group has the courage to explore, focus on transformation, explore and innovate, constantly improve management level and product quality, comprehensively improve market competitiveness, and achieved remarkable results. It has been commended by the construction machinery industry branch of China Association for quality and engineering for many times

over the past few years, Fangyuan group has vigorously implemented excellent performance management, actively adopted international advanced standards, promoted the institutionalization, scientization and standardization of enterprise management, and improved the quality and safety management level and market competitiveness of the enterprise

build alliances with suppliers. In material procurement, we always adhere to the principle of "sincere unity, win-win cooperation, integrity and progress", and strive to establish a strategic alliance with suppliers. In line with the principle of "equality, friendship and cooperation", on the basis of a comprehensive investigation of the market situation, choose enterprises with good product quality, high market reputation, excellent brand image and large business scale to establish a cooperative relationship, and both parties sign a supply and demand contract according to law. In the performance of the contract, adhere to the principle of cooperation and coordination, organize the warehousing of products in time, and pay the payment in time to achieve the satisfaction of both parties. At the beginning of each year, it is necessary to organize and hold a working meeting on product cooperation of Fangyuan group, invite supporting cooperation units to gather in Fangyuan, solicit opinions, carry out exchanges, contact feelings, enhance friendship, strengthen cooperation, consolidate and establish a good relationship of long-term friendly cooperation, and achieve the purpose of common development

win win development with users. Organize user visiting groups for many times, led by the general manager of sales and the person in charge of core enterprises, to carry out user visiting activities, conduct extensive and in-depth research on the use, after-sales service, parts supply and market sales of Fangyuan products, listen to the opinions of users, timely solve the problems of users in the use of products, and extend the scope and level of product quality and safety management. Organize and plan customer satisfaction survey activities. The quality management department is responsible for issuing the customer satisfaction questionnaire and "Fangyuan station voting" every quarter. The survey content includes the satisfaction survey of product quality, service quality, product cost performance, and timeliness of supply. The collected questionnaire is analyzed by scientific methods, so as to adjust the development strategy of the group and deepen the close relationship between the group and users, Build a "connecting bridge" for long-term friendly cooperation between the two sides

implement the famous brand strategy. Focusing on technological innovation and brand building, the group puts forward the business ideas of "innovation can develop, competition can be dynamic", "creating famous brands, striving for the first", "people without me, people with me, people with me, people with me, people with me, and people with me", "scientific and technological innovation, keep pace with the world", "precision and meticulous work, create a square and round brand", and through a series of innovative activities of "customer evaluation", establish new mechanisms, new systems, new ideas The new framework and new model give birth to the driving force of development and consolidate the foundation of development. The group also put forward the business philosophy of "being a good owner of the enterprise, everyone is an operator". Every employee is the owner of the enterprise, and every employee is the promoter of the development of the enterprise, the creator of economic benefits, and the beneficiary of business results. It links the life pursuit of the employees with the future and destiny of the enterprise, stimulates the enthusiasm and initiative of all employees to participate in the development of the enterprise, and forms a mechanism for all employees to participate in enterprise management With the good situation of concentrating on development, the majority of employees devote themselves to their jobs with an unprecedented sense of crisis, urgency and sense, strictly grasp quality and ensure safety

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