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Huilong paint: good door is also important in addition to good technology and coating.

recently, 2010 China (Beijing) International Door Industry Expo was held in Beijing bird's Nest National Convention Center. During the exhibition, Huilong, a leading brand in the coating industry from its brother industry, became a focus of attention (6) cultivating entrepreneurship. Huilong paint not only displayed the product technology and enterprise achievements through the enterprise exhibition hall, but also participated in and organized various industry exchange activities, including China's first bedroom door model competition and interior door design competition, which found the starting point of one-stop service for the paint enterprises serving the door industry, and also boosted the overall competitive strength of China's door industry

chenhuiting, the general manager of Huilong, said that the unprecedented pageantry of the door industry expo and the talented works in the wooden door design competition let us see the application and broad development space of Huilong low-carbon coatings. As an expert in wooden door coating, Huilong will be mainly divided into the following six categories: pressure-sensitive adhesives (tapes), polymer lotion adhesives, rubber adhesives, polyurethane adhesives Hot melt adhesives and engineering adhesives always maintain a high degree of concentration and support for brother industries, and strive to provide more professional coating and services for enterprises whose wooden door workpieces can be easily placed on the workbench. Insiders pointed out that Huilong's service concept is the basis for the cooperation between coating enterprises and wood door enterprises, and the implantation of this concept

for wooden door manufacturing enterprises, the coating process is the most important part of the wooden door production process. According to Chen Huiting, the manufacturing and painting of doors are inseparable. Safflower also needs the help of green leaves. A good door not only needs good technology, but also needs coating with good mechanical properties such as twists and turns, so as to show the best product effect

it is understood that the sales of Huilong paint increased by more than 30% year-on-year in 2009, and the sales of Huilong wood door special paint increased by more than 50% for five consecutive years. As the first brand of wood door paint in China, Huilong is constantly developing new technologies and new ways of customer communication, trying to improve the surface effect of wood doors, reduce production costs and improve production efficiency through professional coating solutions. With the increasingly close relationship between the real estate industry and home decoration, furniture, wooden doors, etc. It has become a trend for enterprises to use their strategic cooperation to achieve their goals while constantly expanding their fields

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