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Jijia glass project was officially completed and put into operation, making up for the gap in Fengdu industry

this year, Fengdu County Industrial Park has been based on the "industrial pillar", strengthening the infrastructure construction of the park, optimizing the development environment, and making every effort to attract investment. At present, there are 15 projects that attract investment and settle in the park, with a total contract investment of 1.35 billion yuan. In April this year, Jijia Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. signed an investment agreement with Fengdu County and settled in shuitianping Industrial Park

On December 3, I came to shuitianping Industrial Park to interview Jijia Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd

The processing tolerance of the mold is 1/3 of that of the plastic part. When people were producing energy-saving insulating glass, they heard a roar of machines as soon as they arrived at the door of the company. Facing the gate of the company, there is a row of neat and spacious factories. The workers shuttle through them in work clothes. All kinds of glass fill the factory. The light shines in, reflecting the busy figure of the workers. A truck stopped at the gate of the factory, loaded with a car full of glass, and sped away

Jijia Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in glass processing. Fan Fuhai, the person in charge of the company, is from Shizhi town. In the early years, he worked in Guangdong, Shanxi and other places to sell home building materials such as doors and windows and stainless steel. In 2004, fan Fuhai returned to Fengdu and is still engaged in the sales of home building materials. "At that time, Fengdu happened to immigrate. Many people bought and installed houses, and there was a great demand for materials such as glass and aluminum alloy." Fan Fuhai said, "such a large market, I think it's an opportunity, so I'll come back."

in 2013, seeing the rapid rise of Longhe new city, fan Fuhai was no longer satisfied with sales. "To run business and do sales, to put it bluntly, it's just to earn the middle price difference. Fengdu's glass processing is still a blank. The glass used is transported from other places. If you can open a glass processing enterprise locally, you can not only fill the market gap, but also maximize profits."

since July last year, fan Fuhai began to prepare for the preliminary work, and finally chose the plant site in shuitianping Industrial Park, with an investment of more than 12 million yuan in the first phase

easily open the local market

in 2013, fan Fu kelp visited the whole process of glass processing

workers are producing energy-saving insulating glass

when entering from the side door of the plant, they see neatly stacked pieces of glass. Fan Fuhai said that these "primitive" glasses are their raw materials. "This is our leading process. We will provide free technical training to operators, technicians and equipment maintenance personnel, and cut the glass according to the size of the customer's order." Fan Fuhai introduced one by one along the production line

"the second process is to cold process the glass." Fan Fuhai rubbed the edge of the glass repeatedly with his fingers. He said, "after the glass is cut, the four edges and corners are very sharp, which is easy to scratch his hand. Cold processing is to grind the edges and corners of the glass flat and smooth, which is not only convenient for the later process, but also makes customers safer when using it. Some customers buy decorations, and they need to drill holes and open defects, which is also completed in this process."

at the end of this production line, it is a closed equipment. Fan Fuhai said that it was the most expensive set of equipment in the factory, which cost more than 1 million yuan. "This set of glass tempering furnace takes out the high temperature of about 700 ℃ in the test piece. After the high temperature of nearly melting, the glass produces tempered particles through chemical reaction, and then quickly cooled by air, the strength of the produced glass is more than 10 times that of ordinary glass, and it is not easy to cause harm to people after damage."

there is another production line in the plant, which produces energy-saving insulating glass. Fan Fuhai said that now the country is vigorously promoting environmental protection, energy conservation and safe decoration materials, and the production of glass is in short supply. At present, the second phase of investment is being planned

fan Fuhai said: "In fact, glass is not a profitable industry. From production to installation, the highest cost is the transportation link. If we open the enterprise locally, we can save a lot of transportation costs for customers. Not to mention, business negotiation and after-sales service are more convenient. In essence, it is a win-win thing, so customers can easily accept our products and open the local market without spending much time."

considerable benefits and promising prospects

workers are producing energy-saving insulating glass

during the interview, someone came to the factory to discuss business with fan Fuhai. According to the sales staff in the factory, many large buildings in Fengdu buy Glass here

according to the introduction, the factory is now divided into day shift and night shift for 24-hour uninterrupted production. There are 30 workers on the day shift and more than 20 on the evening shift, most of whom are Fengdu natives, mostly immigrants near the park

"the average monthly salary of workers here is about 2500 yuan, and some positions with strong operability are more than 3000 yuan." Fan Fuhai said that according to the current two production lines, the company can achieve an annual output value of nearly 20million yuan

fan Fuhai said, "at present, the development on the east side of Longhe River is in full swing. In the next few years, there is still much room for Fengdu's glass market. We plan to invest in the second phase next year to expand the company's production capacity. At that time, it is expected to achieve an annual output value of 30million yuan and provide more than 150 jobs."

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