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Leo pump excellence shows witness to growth

BASF has made contributions to the Landsea project in Shanghai, Wuxi, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Shaoxing, Chengdu, Wuhan and other places to meet their personal growth needs and give full play to its role as an example. The office of the technology center in conjunction with the human resources department on November, A two-day "effective expression training" course with the theme of excellence was carried out. In order to improve the necessary expression ability of grass-roots managers of the technical system, meet their personal growth needs, and give full play to their role model, the office of the technology center and the human resources department jointly carried out a two-day "effective expression training" course with the theme of excellence on November, Presented by Mr. Wang of the human resources department, 24 grassroots management cadres of the technical system participated in this study

one minute impromptu speech, students like enemies. The topics of the speech ranged from personal experience, fruit names to hot words. Some people picked up topics they were familiar with and talked about them quickly in combination with what they knew. Some people encountered strange fields and were not prepared for the panic of lead screw drive and rack drive, which made them tremble and nervous to a blank in their minds. Some people stumbled to the end of the speech, and some people were directly choked by great panic, He stood on the stage with his cheeks red. After the conclusion, they all summarized and analyzed this. There are common problems such as environmental oppression, time limit, panic and tension, blank mind, and eager for good. Teacher Wang analyzed in detail the source of everyone's tension from the perspective of psychology, that is, when their thoughts and behaviors are inconsistent, when they have the idea of "what to do", there will be pressure. Only with the belief that they can do well, Our emotions will be adjusted to the positive side, and the results will be satisfactory

no one doesn't want to be the center of the stage, and no one doesn't want to be a popular speaker. Speech training is like a mirror, presenting each student completely in front of everyone. Although you may feel nervous, lack of knowledge, or even blank in your mind, teacher Wang has prepared two magic weapons for the students - "happy vault" and "preview the future"

after a day's study, students understand the standard expressions and movements, standard body language, correct logical thinking, rational and perceptual expression, and all the language expression of the original intention for others, so that the audience can want to hear, understand and accept. The 5-minute customized keynote speech on the second day, the students will integrate what they have learned. Compared with the 1-minute impromptu speech on the first day, it is more logical and confident in terms of content structure, emotional expression and speech state. Teacher Wang made a guiding comment on each partner, so that the students have a deeper understanding of their own advantages and the direction of progress, and all the students also feel unprecedented growth and breakthrough Transformation and improvement

the two-day training has moments of high morale, moments full of frustration, moments of laughter, and warm and moving pictures. This course is not only the guiding ideology of improving the ability of expression to be more strict when leaving the factory, but also the valuable spiritual wealth of people in learning, working and dealing with life! As the saying goes, the speed of our growth depends on the number of times we summarize. Although the training is over, our transformation has just begun and our growth is still ongoing

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